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The Suspicious Man And St. Peter

Topic: religion

The Suspicious Man and St. Peter

A man became suspicious of his wife. He was convinced that she was having an affair with another man although she consistently denied it. One day he decided to leave work early to try to "catch her in the act". Pulling into the parking lot (they live on the 8th floor of an apartment building), he sneaks up the stairs. Upon reaching the door of the apartment, he hears his wife laughing inside. Trying to open the door silently, he slips and bangs his head against the door with a resounding "BOOM!" but still manages to make a fairly rapid entry. Inside, he sees his wife (looking a bit sheepish) with 2 half filled glasses and a wine bottle. Accusing her of an affair again, she claims that they were both for her. Not believing this for an instant, he makes a rapid search of the apartment, finishing in the kitchen. Finding no one else puts him into a rage and he looks out the kitchen window. There, 8 stories below is a young man rushing out of the building putting on his tie. The husband, convinced that he has found the adulterer goes completely off the deep end, picks up the refrigerator, throws it out the window, immediately suffers a heart attack and dies.

(Setup complete) At the gates of heaven are three men waiting to get in. St. Peter asks the first one, "How did you come to be here my son?".

The man replies, "Well, this is going to sound strange but I was late for work and was running out of my apartment when this refrigerator dropped out of the sky and killed me."

St. Peter checks his books, shakes his head in amazement at what the world below is coming to, and lets the man in.

The second man says, "Now I feel really bad. I was convinced that my wife was having an affair. When I saw the previous gentleman rushing out of my building, I thought I had found him. I lost control of my temper and threw the refrigerator onto him. The strain was too much for my heart and I died of a heart attack leaving my innocent wife to fend for herself."

St. Peter consults his books for some time, balances the incident against the man's prior life, makes some nondescript sounds and decides to let the man in.

After making a number of notes in his books, St. Peter turns to the third man who says: "Well, I was just sitting there in this refrigerator..."

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