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This Happens Before Vatican Ii When Catholic Liturgy Was Still

Topic: religion

This happens before Vatican II when Catholic Liturgy was still in Latin. As the regular collector was absent one Sunday, Father Brown asks Dominic, the sexton, if he would make the collection.

"I'd be glad to", says Dominic, "but I don't know when."

"Don't worry", says Father Brown, "I'll signal you when it is time." Totally involved in the service, Father Brown completely forgets about Dominic. On his way to the sacristy, he sadly tells himself: "So much for the collection".

To his surprise, when he gets there, the table is overflowing with money. He calls Dominic: "How did you do that?"

"Well, each time you told me to, I went."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, each time you turned around and said: 'Dominic go fisc 'em', I did." (Seven times during the mass the priest would say: 'Dominus vobiscum', Latin for 'The Lord be with you!')

ALPHA v0.3