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Moses Was Leading The Children Of Israel Out Of Egypt And Had

Topic: religion

Moses was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and had now reached the Red Sea with the Pharoah's army in hot pursuit. The Israelites were in the throes of doubt and panic, so Moses called his publicity man, Lennie, to his side. "Things don't look so hot, Lennie," Moses confided, "but I think I have a plan. What if I hold my rod out over the waters and cause them to part so that the Israelites can cross. But as soon as the Egyptians try to follow, whoosh, the waters will return and they will all be drowned. What do you think of that?"

"Moses, baby," Lennie enthused, "you do that, and you'll not only get rid of the Egyptians, but I guarantee you at least three extra pages in the Bible!"

ALPHA v0.3