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The Pope Was Being Driven Around In The Back Of A Limo The Last

Topic: religion

The Pope was being driven around in the back of a limo the last time he visited America when suddenly he felt the urge to drive a car, something he had never done. The driver was reluctant, the Pope having no license and all, but he was the Pope, after all. So Pope and driver switch places, and the Pope proceeds to weave, start and stop erratically, and generally create a considerable hazard, which leads to his being pulled over.

The Policeman says, "Get out of the car and show me your license." The Pope explains that he has no license, but that he is the Pope, and wouldn't it be nice of the good officer to let him off? The officer thinks a moment and says he needs to call this one in. Back in his car, he gets on the radio and asks for the chief.

"Chief," he says, "I got a problem here and I don't know what to do. I've got this limo pulled over, and I oughta arrest the driver and impound the vehicle, but there's somebody really important involved."

"Who is it? The mayor?" asks the Chief.

"More important than that..." replies the officer.

"The governor, then?"

"Uhh, no, sir, even more important than that..."

"Well come on man, who is it? Is it ... the President?" demands the Chief. "Even more important than the President, sir. Let me put it to you this way: The Pope's his driver..."

ALPHA v0.3