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Well There Was A Priest Who Needed A Hunchback So He Put Up

Topic: religion

Well, there was a priest who needed a hunchback, so he put up several ads around the place. After searching and talking to most of the hunchbacks, he came across one with no arms.

"How can you ring a bell with no arms?", asked the priest.

"I'll show you", replied the hunchback as the went back to the church bell. The hunchback made a running start for the bell, and banged it with his face.

"You're hired", said the priest.

So for the four o'clock mass the next day, the hunchback made his round. He went up to the bell tower. He made a running start and hit it with his face. He backed up, feeling a bit hazed. He ran and hit the bell with his face again. He backed up, feeling a bit of pain. He ran up and hit the bell with his face again. He backed up, feeling very dizzy. He ran up, missed the bell completely and plummeted to a painful death.

A crowd of people came up to him. One asked, "Who was that?" Another answered, "I dunno, but his face rings a bell"

ALPHA v0.3