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Mr. Brown Found Going To Church Very Boring And Often Dozed Off

Topic: religion

Mr. Brown found going to church VERY boring and often dozed off during the sermons. One Sunday, the minister decided to find out whether Brown was paying attention or not, as he was audibly snoring. So he asked the question, "Who created the heavens and the Earth? Anyone? Mr. Brown, can you tell me?" Well, Brown was asleep, but the little old lady behind him pulled a six inch hatpin out of her hat and jabbed it into his posterior. Brown jumped to his feet, and shouted out "Good God Almighty!!" The minister thought to himself, "Hmmm. I guess he wasn't sleeping after all."

A short time later, Mr. Brown was sawing logs again, and again the minister threw a question at him. "Who lived and died for us two thousand years ago? Mr. Brown, would you tell me?" Out came the hatpin and into Brown's fanny. "Jesus Christ," he yelled, jumping up once more. And again, the minister thought, "He really does seem to be listening."

Ten or fifteen minutes go by (this minister was terribly long- winded), and Brown drifts off again. The minister thinks to himself, "I'm going to ask a REALLY hard question this time." And aloud he says, "Who can tell me what Eve said to Adam after she gave birth to their 42nd child? Mr. Brown!" This time the hatpin was jabbed in to its full length, Brown leaped to his feet and shouted out," If you stick that thing in me one more time, I'm gonna break it off!"

ALPHA v0.3