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Have You Heard How The Angel Came To Be On The Top Of The

Topic: religion

Have you heard how the angel came to be on the top of the Christmas tree? Well it happened this way:

One frosty Christmas Eve, Santa was really late getting started on his rounds. His reindeer had been off their food, and it seems just everything was behind schedule. The elves were bustling to load his sleigh, and all were relieved when they heard, "This is the last bag, Santa."

Santa donned his hat and mitts, jumped onto the sleigh, and heartily got started on his way with, "On Dasher, On Dancer - - - - " As his team surged forward there was an ominous crack, and Santa had to stop immediately.

On checking the harness and rigging he discovered that the singletree was broken, and he got down to fix it. Before he got up from the snow, the last reindeer's stomach cramps turned into uncontrollable diarrhea, and poor Santa was covered.

At just this moment, a dear little angel rushed up to Santa, with a Christmas tree in her arms, and lisped cheerily, "Where would you like me to put this tree, Santa?"

ALPHA v0.3