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Three Couples Are Getting Ready To Join The Catholic Church. One

Topic: religion

Three couples are getting ready to join the Catholic church. One couple is in their 70's, one in their 50's and the third in their 20's. They have completed all of their classes when the priest walks in and says, "You have all done very well. There is just one more test you must take before you can be welcomed into the Catholic church. You must abstain from sex for two weeks. We will meet back here in two weeks and see how you did."

Well, two weeks go by, and they meet again. The priest comes in and walks up to the couple in their 70's and asks, "How did it go for you?"

The old man looks at the priest and says, "Fine, just fine, no problem at all".

"Welcome to the Catholic Church", replies the priest.

The priest then asks the same question of the couple in their 50's. The man replies, "Well, father, the first week was no problem, but we were tempted near the end of the second week, but we managed to abstain."

"Welcome to the Catholic church", smiled the priest.

Finally, the priest approaches the couple in their 20's and asks them how it went.

The guy looks at his wife, and then the priest and says, "Look father, I have to be honest. The first couple of days were no problem, but each day after, our lust grew and grew, until one day, she was bending over the freezer picking out something for dinner, and I lifted up the back of her skirt and nailed her right there!"

The priest gasps in shock and then says, "Well, I'm sorry, but you are not welcome in the Catholic church!"

"That's O.K.", replies the man, "We're not welcome back in Krogers anymore either!"

ALPHA v0.3