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It Seems That A Nun And A Priest Were On A Trip When Their Car

Topic: religion

It seems that a nun and a priest were on a trip when their car broke down. They walked to the nearest motel, and got a room. Unfortunately, there was only a single bed room left. The priest told the nun that he would sleep on the couch, and she could sleep in the bed.

They both got into their respective beds, and the priest started to fall asleep "Father," the nun said. "I'm awfully cold."

The priest got up, and gave the nun a blanket from the closet.

About ten minutes later, "Father," the nun said. "I'm still awfully cold."

The priest got up, and gave the nun another blanket.

Ten minutes later: "Father," the nun said. "I'm awfully cold. I don't think the good Lord would mind if we acted as man and wife for one night."

"Your right," said the priest. "Get the blanket yourself!"

ALPHA v0.3