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The Priest Of A Small Town Parish Received A Visit From His

Topic: religion

The priest of a small town parish received a visit from his superior, the monsignor. As they walked through the streets of the town, the monsignor noticed a family of 8 walking together. Turning to the priest, he remarked: "Now, there goes a good Catholic family!"

"Yes, monsignor, the father is one of my deacons, and the mother teaches in our sunday school."

They amble along, catching sight of an even larger family, with 8 children. "Now, there goes another good Catholic family!"

"Oh, yes, monsignor, the twins are both altar boys, their aunt is a Benedictine sister."

As they go along, another large family comes into view, mother, father and 7 children.

"What a great little town this is, there is another wonderful Catholic family!"

"Well, actually, monsignor, that family is Presbyterian."

"The sex fiend!"

ALPHA v0.3