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The Pope Visits The U.S. During Elvis'S Reign As King. He Lands

Topic: religion

The Pope visits the U.S. during Elvis's reign as King. He, lands, gets off the plane, and is greated by thousands of adoring fans. All screaming "Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!"

He turns to his aid, and inquires what this is all about. "It seems they think you're Elvis", comes the reply.

He gets into a limo, and the vehicle heads out, the motorcade attracting hundreds of fans all screaming "Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!"

The driver looks into the rear view mirror, and says "It appears they think you're Elvis".

They arrive at a hotel, and the Pope gets out to see dozens of fans outside the building. All screaming "Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!"

The hotel manager approaches the Pope, who says "I know, they all think I'm Elvis!" By this point, he is deeply upset, and decides to retire directly to his room to brood alone.

As he sits down on his bed and begins to remove his garments, the closet door swings open, and two naked blondes run out, yelling "Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!"

The Pope jumps to his feet, twitches his hip, and sings "One for the money, two for the show..... "

ALPHA v0.3