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The Aggie Robot

Topic: science

The Aggie Robot

Did you hear about the A & M Computer Science Dept. developing a new robot into which they programmed the sum total of human knowledge. They decided to test it in front of the Andrew Johnson Office Plaza. They placed the robot on the corner at 9:00 AM one morning with intentions of monitoring it all day to see what it would do.

Very soon, a man came walking down the street and the robot approached him. "I see by your manner of walking that you are an attorney", the robot said.

The man stated that he was in fact an attorney and the two passed about a hour discussing Constitutional Law. The man, much impressed, continued on down the sidewalk.

Next came another man who the robot identified as a doctor. Again, a hour's discussion passed on micro-surgery techniques.

Throughout the day each person that passed the robot was identified by him correctly and conversations flowed. All were impressed by the little robot's knowledge. Finally, just as the scientists from A & M were about to retrieve the robot for further study, a drunk came careening around the corner, ran into the robot, kicked and cursed him and then proceeded to throw up in the gutter of the street.

The robot began to spin around and bounce up and down. The scientists thought the robot had been damaged and were hurrying toward him when he rose to his full height, raised one metalic arm and in a loud voice proclaimed to all, "Gig 'Em Aggies!!! Whooop!!!!"

ALPHA v0.3