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Top Reasons The Dinosaurs Became Extinct

Topic: science

Top reasons the dinosaurs became extinct:

I. They all died.

II. They couldn't make rice.

III. They just all couldn't get along.

IV. No caffeine or sugar.

V. Didn't know how to say "SEGA!"

VI. Didn't have Air conditioning for those hot and humid days.

VII. Couldn't find their MTV.

VIII. The earth said, "pull my finger."

IX. Didn't have sun tan lotion.

X. They were abducted by aliens.

XI. The females were cold blooded.

XII. Those damn tar pits.

XIII. Decided to look for the wizard of Oz to get a bigger brain.

XIV. Were killed off secretly by the C.I.A.

XV. Because their lack of a mutigenic gene and the change in environment. They were forced into extinction by the fact that they could not adapt to the harsh changes brought to their environment.

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