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Official Galactic Report On The Species Homo Sapiens

Topic: science

Official Galactic Report on the Species Homo Sapiens

Officials responsible for a spiral galaxy near the middle section of the universe revealed today that a small error in an encoding for the life form "Homo sapiens" was responsible for the near extinction of the partly intelligent species. The change had been introduced during routine maintenance of the life form. Officials explained that the maintenance had been intended to improve the survivability of the species, but inadequate testing had caused it to become susceptible to a new sexually transmitted disease.

Senior universe officials expressed disappointment in the control of the life forms in the galaxy, citing a series of malfunctions, especially near a yellow star at the edge. The H. S. Species has required several patches in the field and still seems unstable. The latest change was not tested in alternative universes due to lax controls and lack of funding.

Other officials cited inadequate specification and design review. "How can we guarantee that the species works without a formal definition of what it is?" lamented one senior observer. "These things just look like collections of cells - they just sort of grow. There's no mathematical model that can be used to verify it. I don't see how they ever got it started in the first place."

Insiders feel that the species can be rescued, but expressed doubt about its long-term viability. The estimate of the time needed for a thorough review of the documentation, writing up of the formal specifications, and verifying the genome encoding, expressibility, and environmental testing, is greater than the lifetime of the universe.

Meanwhile, yet another mutation and alteration of the local laws of physics will be required to back out of this particular upgrade. With funding already stretched, this setback might just spell the end of H. S.

The formally verified Vulcan species, originally slated for production next year, has been delayed due to a series of technical problems and is now scheduled for beta testing after the next big bang.

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