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1. The Galileo Spacecraft Was Named After Galileo Galilei.

Topic: science

1. The Galileo Spacecraft was named after Galileo Galilei.

Galileo Galilei was:

A) The Italian astronomer who discovered Jupiter's moons

B) A notorious mob boss, who was the basis for Don Corleone in "The Godfather"

C) The nice green grocer down the street from NASA headquarters

D) Dean Martin's real name.

2. The First Law of Thermodynamics states:

A) "If you leave the top off the Thermos, your coffee gets cold."

B) "Energy is neither created nor destroyed."

C) "Entropy is what happens when you just don't care."

D) "Use an electron, go to jail."

3. What do Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg have in common?

A) They are all Leos

B) They were the backbone of the 1905 University of Chicago defensive line

C) They are notable physicists

D) At one time, each of them played guitar for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

4. Fossils are:

A) What you call the Rolling Stones if you are under the age of 25

B) Technically eligible for AARP benefits

C) God's inside joke

D) Mineralized remains of prehistoric life.

5. Which of these accurately describes a "black hole":

A) Any job requiring the use of the phrase "Today's special is..."

B) Your credit card bill

C) A collapsed star with a gravitational field so strong that light cannot escape

D) Any of the last three seasons of "Saturday Night Live."

6. Define "Medulla Oblongata":

A) A lesser-known opera of Guiseppe Verdi

B) A part of the brain situated near the spinal cord

C) The forbidden dance of love

D) What Freddie Mercury sings in "Bohemian Rhapsody."

7. Define "quark":

A) A sub-atomic particle

B) What ducks say at a nuclear reactor

C) Slang for flatulence

D) What you call that ooky stuff that covers a canned ham.

8. Which four names below are the names of the major Jovian moons?

A) Ciera, Achieva, Integra, Lumina

B) Fuschia, Magenta, Sienna, Taupe

C) Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo, Chico

D) Io, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede

The answers: 1:A 2:B 3:C 4:D 5:C 6:B 7:A 8:D.

Miss any of these, and *boy,* are you dumb. Which is why someone else is having all the fun, blowing up space probes. Think about it.

ALPHA v0.3