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Comparing Jesus To Windows 95

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Comparing Jesus to Windows 95

If you have half a brain, you can't help but notice the throng of publications, analysts and net users declaring Windows 95 the Saviour of the Computer Industry. If you have less than half a brain, you probably believe it. Could it be?

Let's compare Windows 95 against a widely-accepted Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth:

Jesus =>> Windows 95

Said, "Surely I come quickly." =>> Has been promised "any day now."

Is taking a lot longer to actually arrive =>> Is taking a lot longer to actually arrive.

Can walk on water. =>> Can crawl on a 486.

Sits in judgement at the pearly gates.=>> Will be used to judge Bill Gates.

Bible says, "In Him, all things are possible." =>> Windows 95 doesn't even run all possible Windows apps.

Started life as a carpenter. =>> Turns perfectly good computers into furniture.

Born in a manger. =>> Resembles something found in a barn.

Remembered for protecting the weak. =>> Has weak memory protection.

Was raised from the dead. =>> Was created from Windows 3.1.

Jesus performed great works for the multitudes =>> Windows 95 multitasking performance barely works.

Jesus has no sin. =>> Windows 95 has no shame.

You decide.

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