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Do You Know Why The New Windows Version Is Numbered 95?

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Do you know why the new windows version is numbered 95?

-95 percent of Win31 applications _won't_ run flawlessly on Win95.

-95 - times per day a Win95 commercial is run on a radio station.

-95 - times per hour you'll see the wait cursor on Win95 when running programs.

-95 - the age you'll be by the time you get it installed correctly.

-95 minutes waiting on hold when calling Microsoft Tech Support.

-95 tries to install correctly on the average PC.

-95 bugs per 10,000 lines of source code in Win95.

-95 percent of the code in Win95 is Win31 and DOS.

-95 times the feature list changed between initial product announcement and final shipment.

-95 - average IQ of the targeted user, times 2.

-95 - average IQ required to use, divided by 2.

-95 people actually believe the MicroSoft hype.

ALPHA v0.3