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Does The 95 In Windows 95 Mean...

Topic: windows

Does the 95 in windows 95 mean...

It will take 95 years to program it.

Must be installed 95 times.

Crashes 95 times per hour.

Has 95 different bugs in the programing.

Only 95 people will buy it.

Only 95 people will understand it.

Only 95 people will want to understand it.

Only 95 people will care.

95 releases before they get it right.

Every 95 days you only have 95 more days to wait for the release.

Microsoft wanted to release it in '95.

The Microsoft Network will only cost you $95 to start an account, and only $95 per hour connect charge.

It will cost only $95 dollars, unless you want it to work.

It will only be worth 95 cents.

It will take up 95 MB of hard disk space, use 95% of your system resources, and be 95 times slower than current versions.

It took 95 committees, 95 studies, with 95 results, and $95 million dollars to determine that no one could understand "Chicago" and that Windows with a year designation was what everyone wanted. Oh Yeah...

It will only take you 95 minutes to decide it's the same ol' Windoze.

ALPHA v0.3