Who is Particle?

Well, I hate writing about myself, so, I guess I won't write much. Heh. Or so the story goes. This page shouldn't even be accessible from the outside world, yet somehow it still manages to attract some visitors - so I've modified it to be a bit more `informative'; and not just a bunch of tech acronyms and keywords that seem to attract pointless google hits.

Here's my relatively recent (from ~2000) pic:

(except now I have long hair and look nothing like this)

My name is Alex, and I live in New York City. Queens to be exact. Hmm... think... what else... I love Computer Science, developing programs, solving problems, etc., got a bachelors and masters degrees in this field, and currently working on a PhD. Teaching computer science classes at Brooklyn College, doing something or other for NYSE Euronext, and managing a few software projects.

Oh, I also dislike work. Hmm, No. That sounds wrong. I enjoy working on things I enjoy working on (I'm actually a workaholic - if I enjoy what I'm doing). I don't like working on things I don't find interesting, fun, educational, or of no benefit to me, i.e.: dilbert-ish, office-space-ish, etc., you get the idea; which partially explains why I'm in academia (love sharing ideas, making this world a better place, etc.)

My dislike of work notwithstanding, the need for money drove me to all sorts of jobs. Jobs ranging from moving furniture (back-breaking) to cutting huge stacks of fabric in textile factories (which was actually fun - NYC has a huge textile industry), to abortion clinics (daytime sys admin; evening phone counselor - yes, that was me on the other end of the line), to department of justice (was subpoenaed for something or other after abortion clinic was forced to shutdown - got hired during questioning), and from banks to stock exchanges, and hell holes, etc. Oh, yea, and dot-coms. Lets not forget dot-coms (or, let's forget'em!). Even managed to ruin one myself (which might explain why the site is named after my nickname).

Love playing computer games (mostly online). Games are what got me into computer science in the first place. Mostly been playing Quake 3 at House of Smack these past few years. Before that, was a big fan of Quake2, before that, a big fan of Quake1, before that a big fan of DOOM2 & Descent, before that a big fan of DOOM, before that a big fan on Wolfenstain3D, and so on and so on, until big bang.

Also love to travel. Who doesn't? Been just about everywhere (within reason). On my trip to Europe, managed to take a cool picture of the original, Mona Lisa:

If you look carefully, you can spot me in that picture (tip: I'm wearing a hat, and taking this picture to the lower left of the screen.

That's about all there is about me...