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Illustration for logic. - chess

[download program & source]

You will find here the program that illustrate how the initial "Description Table" can be used for finding the pieces moves. Program find the moves for some white pieces and demonstrate all moves on the screen. For the sake of simplicity, white king was not included. This I expect to do later.

After calling the program you will watch the moves. If you would like repeat them, push any button. To quit program use ESC.

For writing this program was used Microsoft Assembler version 6.10. Computer 386 or higher will work. Program was done for DOS.

If you somehow had access to other chess logic done in Assembler, please say me where is the difference. It could be very curious for me. All the logic of my chess game was based only on my experience gathered during the creation of my other gadgets. Graphics, for instance, came almost entirely from previous Clock program. So, I am asking me sometime and how really different every chess logic can be when is came from different sources? Will it stay basically the same just because the game goes after the same rule?

Enjoy programming!

Liberman Leonid. 4/3/98 leonide@total.net



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