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more Illustration - chess

[download 'illustration for logic' program (~20k)]
[download another 'illustration for logic' program]
[download yet another 'illustration for logic' program]

You will find, in this Web Site, few illustrations of the chess logic. Each example will directly says you how this or next part of the game can be done. After looking into the inner part of the code, you could use it and change it after your own creative fantasy. By experience, I know that there are nothing more useful, in making the general theory clear, that abundant and direct illustration that make the magic work.

One example illustrate the logic for finding the moves for some White Pieces. Next example do the same for the opposite color. The other one dress initial chess board position.

I expect in the future to send few illustrations for some next aspects of the chess programming. But I must say in advance that I do not pretend that this way of programming is unique one. Even the logic for solving the inevitable mate position I did, probably, in 50 different versions. And only with the "bleeding heart" that 5 was left in the game. And how many other virgin ideas flew in my dreams and was never touched? Sometime, like you know, our life bring us few sad moments. They arrive when we realize that we just don't have enough time for everything in this single life.

Each example was written with Microsoft Assembler version 6.10. 32 bits IBM compatible will do the trick.

Liberman Leonid. 14/3/98 leonide@total.net



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