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Inevitable Mate Positions.
Copyright 25/1/98, Leonid Liberman.

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Positions last updated on: March 8th, 1998

If you are been writing your own chess game, or like to resolve the positions, where the mate is inevitable, you need the library for this. (I presume that you already downloaded my game from the Net.) Here you have the library and explanation how to use it with the game. I would like, from my side, say few other words, but you are free to jump over this part and see how the library work.

I just went through the fundamental change in my game (25/1/98), and the best way to spot all those ugly bugs, like in the past, was by solving the Inevitable Mate Positions. And the part of my personal library, that was used in this "clean up operation", is now at your disposal. Probably, later, I will put even more. I must have around 1000 of them. Inevitable Mate Position - position where the mate exist for sure in 2, 3, 4 or more moves ahead. When you write your game and have the slightest mistake in your fundamental logic, it is where you can try your game for allergic reactions, where it can faint or even die prematurely. Since for the mate solving, in my game, only the logic was used (no Database or something of this nature) this was the best way, for my game, to stay final trial. And game withstood it with dignity.

Logic for solving the Inevitable Mate is provided only by few professional chess games, and only few, between them, are impeccable. For instance, taking the 5 best games that I have (Chess Master, Wchess, Mchess, Fritz, Genius) only two do the trick. I use mainly the Genius. His logic in one edition is impeccable and in the next is almost so. Genius don't crush or care what you put on the board. He solve the position, that's all.

In my game, Positional Logic is still in its infancy but Mate Solving Logic is mature, speedy and impeccable. But in real life everything is possible. (Sorry, for lying! In Life, Death is sure thing. But somehow my psychology bugged down, in this instance, my basic logic.) Last radical rewriting make everything also probable. If you had found some faulty position, please, send it to me. It will help. If you can, add few words about your computer and system. My E-mail:

How use the positions.

Call from chess game the position of your choice, that you found on the Net. The first two letters in each file signify:

1) W - white to go.

2) B - Black to go.

After first letter (B or W) number says the number of moves. Every letter, after first two letters, are irrelevant and was used to identify the file.

For instant: W4c21 - White to go. 4 - white side will mate 4 moves ahead.

3) After calling the file, use F5 to go to the initial position.

4) Use the F7 to choose the number of moves to see ahead. In last example you must put to 4. If you will indicate less that 4 - computer will not find the mate. If you will say more that 4 - will find anyway but, probably, it will think much longer.

5) Push Ctrl + D - choose Mate Solving Logic. To find mate in minimum number of moves, choose 4 (5 logic). Though other logic programs can find them more quickly, sometimes they will miss the mate.

6) Push Alt + I - ask program to look only for mate. This is optional. If not said, program will do the move even if the mate was not found. Game will do the position move, after not finding the move that lead to mate.

7) Push Alt + \ - ask computer to look for mate using only one logic (there are 5 logic for finding the mate). This is optional. If not, program will try to find the mate through quick logic and, only if this will fail, will look through the logic that you indicated before (with Ctrl + D).

8) Push Alt + T - say to go ahead (think).

9) Push Alt + P - if you want to look for the next version of mate in the same position. Only optional.

If you would like to change, for some reason, the side that looks for mate, push Ctrl + T. Program will say you what side now is ready to go. After, push Alt + T to make program think.

You can invent every position where the mate is inevitable. Just depose the pieces on the board and ask the computer to look for mate. Use, at the beginning, the quick logic (between 0 and 3) to find the mate (not necessary, but helps in speeding up the search) and after, use logic 4 to find exactly in how many moves the mate is there. Every position, from the books and revue, you can solve through this game. Game is very liberal and can digest even 9 queens on the board. Biggest part of other games will shiver, while glazing on all those gorgeous women, and probably will die for "unrevealed illnesses". Some other will stay alive but will become erratic and more funny that exalted teenager. If the mate is not there, be quiet, there are a lot of mistakes in all the books that was printed before 1990. By pushing the F11 you can find every explanations that you need: how clean the board, or depose your piece on the table.

Enjoy the game.

Copyright 25/1/98, Leonid Liberman.


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