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A Rather Slow Witted Fellow Decided To Make A Day Of It Ice

Topic: g-rated

A rather slow witted fellow decided to make a day of it ice fishing. Gathering all his gear onto a sled he pulled it onto the ice to a likely spot. Gathering his axe to chop a hole in the ice he suddenly heard a voice speak to him from above. "There's no fish under this ice."

He raised his head looking to see who or where the voice came from. Seeing nothing he decided it was his imagination playing tricks on him. He once again raised the axe to chop his hole when a voice thundered from above. "THERE'S NO FISH UNDER THIS ICE!"

The fisherman was now visably shaken and dropped to his knees praying. He looked upward and cried "Is that you Lord?"

The voice boomed once again "NO... THIS IS THE RINK MASTER."

ALPHA v0.3