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Joe Had Been Driving His 18-Wheeler For A Number Of Years

Topic: g-rated

Joe had been driving his 18-wheeler for a number of years without any problems. However... probably because he was in a hurry, he miscalculated a clearance and his truck became jammed under the overpass. After examining the damage, Joe contacted a welder to help cut the twisted girders to free his truck. Just as the men were about to start, an elderly gentlemen from a nearby rest home was being wheeled past the accident. He called out, "Why don't you guys let enough air out of the tires to lower the truck so you can drive through?"

Joe and the welder agreed that was a terrific idea and tried the old man's suggestion. It worked... the truck was free. Before Joe drove off he thanked the man, but questioned, "What's an alert, thoughtful person like you doing in an old folks home?"

The old man was quick to reply, "I may be old, crazy, senile and a few other things, but I ain't stupid!"

ALPHA v0.3