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A Drunk Walks Into A Bar And The Bartender Says What'Ll Ya Have?

Topic: g-rated

A drunk walks into a bar and the bartender says "What'll ya have?"

The drunk says "Scotch and soda."

"Okay." says the bartender as he quickly whips the drink up and slide it over, which the drunk speedily downs.

The bartender says "That's $2.50 Mac."

Drunk says "I don't have any money! You offered me a drink and I took it." The bartender throws the drunk out.

The Drunk walks in two minutes later and the bartender says "Hey, I just threw you outta here!"

The drunk says "Wasn't me!"

The bartender responds, "Then you must have a double!"

To which the drunk smiles and says "Thank you, I will!"

ALPHA v0.3