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A Tramp Looking For A Handout In A Picturesque Old English

Topic: g-rated

A tramp looking for a handout in a picturesque old English village stopped by a pub bearing the classic name "Inn of St. George and the Dragon."

"Please, Ma'am, could you spare me a bite to eat?" he asked the lady who answered his knock on the kitchen door.

"A bite to eat? For a no-good bum, a beggar? No!" she snapped. "Why don't you work for your living like an honest man? Go away."

Halfway down the path the tramp stopped, eyed the words "St. George and the Dragon," then turned back and knocked again.

"Now what do you want?" the lady asked angrily.

"Please, Ma'am, he replied, "If St. George is in too, may I speak with him this time?"

ALPHA v0.3