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A Young Jewish Boy Has Been Having Trouble With School. In Fact

Topic: g-rated

A young Jewish boy has been having trouble with school. In fact, he has just been kicked out of three private Jewish schools in a row. There being no more Jewish schools in town, his parents decide to send him to catholic school.

A month later, to his parent's surprise, he is still in school and hasn't gotten in any trouble.

In another month, his midterm grades come home--and he has aced every class!

His parents ask him, "What's so great about this catholic school? How come you got thrown out of three good Jewish schools only to do well in this Christian one?"

"Well," the boy answers, "These Catholics scare me. In the whole history of the school, they've only admitted one other Jew."

"What of it?" His dad asks.

"H-he's nailed to the wall in the cafeteria."

ALPHA v0.3