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And It Happened That Two Hunters Were Tramping Through The

Topic: g-rated

And it happened that two hunters were tramping through the forest, hunting, because that's what hunters do. They had tramped for quite a while, when suddenly they saw a deer (no relation to Bambi) and shot it (they were hunting, remember.)

So the two hunters grabbed a hind leg each, and started dragging the corpse through the woods. It was slow going, of course, since the antlers kept getting caught on trees and bushes and shrubs. Finally, they came to a clearing, and met a third hunter (hunting.) The third hunter saw their predicament, and said, "Gosh, why don't you fellows grab the deer by the antlers and drag it like that? Should be easier..."

The two hunters saw the wisdom in the third hunter's words, and immediately followed his advice. Two hours later, the first hunter looked at the second hunter and said, "You know, that guy was right, this is much easier!"

"Yeah," replied the other, "but we keep getting farther and farther away from the jeep."

ALPHA v0.3