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So Back In The Seventies This Hippie Guy Dies Of An Overdose And

Topic: g-rated

So back in the seventies, this Hippie guy dies of an overdose and is sent directly to Hell, which he does not appreciate at all since he is extremely afraid of fire. Upon arrival, Satan greets him with a wide sadistic smile and proposes a visit.

"Don't worry" says Satan. "There is no fire in Hell!" To our hero's surprise, all the hills and valleys of Hell are covered with mature plants of Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as marihuana, or "pot"'.

Extremely excited, our hero runs into a field, selects a huge female plant, cuts the topmost leaves and roll them up in paper.

"Do you have a light?" he asks Satan

"Remember" replies Satan, "There is no fire in Hell!"

ALPHA v0.3