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A Guy Lives Near A Mental Hospital. Everyday On His Way To The

Topic: g-rated

A guy lives near a mental hospital. Everyday on his way to the bus stop, he has to pass along the tall walls of the hospital. One morning, on his way to work, he heard the nutcases behind the wall chanting,

"Seven! Seven! Seven!"

The guy wonders what they're hollering about, then dismisses than as a bunch of wackos.

Later that afternoon on the way home, he again passed the nut farm, and again he heard the loonies counting,

"Seven! Seven! Seven!"

Intrigued, he went to a tree near the wall and shinnied up it for a better look. As he stuck his head over the wall and looked down--BAM!---one of the loonies waiting behind the other side of the wall clobbered him with a baseball bat, knocking him colder'n a lawyer's heart.

The nuts resumed their chanting. "Eight! Eight! Eight!"

ALPHA v0.3