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A Couple Of Young Fellers Were Fishing At The River And A Game

Topic: g-rated

A couple of young fellers were fishing at the river, and a game warden jumped outta the bushes.

Quick as a rattler's strike, one of the boys chunked his rod in the river and started running through the woods like a bat out of hell, the game warden hot on his heels.

About a half mile later, the kid stopped and stooped over with his hands on his thighs to catch his breath, and the Game Warden finally caught up to him.

"Let's see your fishin' license, boy," the Warden gasped.

The kid scrabbled the license from his wallet and gave it to the game warden.

"Well, son," said the game warden, "you must be about as dumb as a cedar stump! You don't have to run from me if you have a valid license!" "Yes, sir, I know," replied kid, grinning. "But my friend back there? He don't have one."

ALPHA v0.3