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Hi I'M Tom Bodet For Motel 5 Where You Can Get A Clean

Topic: g-rated

Hi, I'm Tom Bodet for Motel 5, where you can get a clean comfortable pair of rubber boots to wear in your room until we can get these plumbing problems taken care of.

Or, if you're like me you don't spend much time on the floor of your motel room anyway. You're either propped up in bed with the TV remote, or taking a shower where you're already wet. Well we've got the remote unit conveniently chained to the bed, and we'd urge you to use it for all your television needs. It's just not a good idea to be wading around and monkeying with electrical appliances. It has a tendency to blow the main transformer, so nobody can watch television, and in our experience the next of kin is rarely a pleasant individual to deal with. So save yourself a bundle and slide on in to Motel 5.

We'll leave the seat up for you

ALPHA v0.3