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The Pastor Was Delivering His Sermon When A Gentlemen In The

Topic: g-rated

The pastor was delivering his sermon when a gentlemen in the back pew turned his head to one side, put his hand to his ear, and said, "Louder." The preacher raised his voice somewhat and continued with his sermon, which was not too interesting. After a few minutes the man said again, "Louder!" The preacher strained even more and continued on, but by now the sermon had become quite boring. The man said again, "Louder!" At this point a man on the front row couldn't stand it any longer and yelled back to the man in the rear.

"What's the matter, can't you hear?"

"No," said the man in the back.

"Well," said the man down front, "move over, I'm coming back to join you."

ALPHA v0.3