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A Blonde Reported For Her Final Examination Which Consisted Of

Topic: g-rated

A blonde reported for her final examination which consisted of Yes / No answers.

She takes her seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper, and then in a bit of inspiration, takes a quarter out of her purse. She starts tossing the coin and marking the answer sheet "Yes" for heads and "No" for tails.

Within 30 minutes she's all done whereas the rest of the class is sweating it out. During the last few minutes of the exam period, she frantically starts flipping the coin again.

The moderator, concerned about what she's doing, stops by and asks if she's ok.

"Oh yes, I'm fine. I finished the exam a half hour ago -- but," explaining the frantic coin tossing, "I'm going back thru and checking my answers!"

ALPHA v0.3