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This Blond Decided To Dye Her Hair Brown Then To Celebrate Her

Topic: g-rated

This blond decided to dye her hair brown, then to celebrate her new image, she took a motor trip across country. Way out in the sticks she came across a farmer leaning against a fence post, watching his large flock of sheep.

"I need a pet," she decided, stopping the car. She walked over to the farmer and asked, "If I can guess how many sheep you have in your flock will you give me one? I'd like a pet."

The farmer agreed. The gal looked over the flock for a few seconds, then declared, "You have 253 sheep here."

"That's absolutely correct," the amazed farmer stated. "I'll keep my end of the bargain. You pick one of the sheep for your pet."

She did and as she was getting back into her car, the farmer approached her. "I've got a proposition for you, Miss. If I can guess the true color of your hair, will you give me back my dog?"

ALPHA v0.3