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Age Barometer

Topic: g-rated

Age Barometer

How many of these do you remember? (No right or wrong answers, just a measure of how old you are and what you remember).

Blackjack and Beeman's gum

Powerhouse candy bars

Licorice records

Wax teeth, lips and mustaches

Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water

Candy lipstick

Candy cigarettes


Soda pop machines that dispense bottles

Pull tabs that snapped off soda cans

Tableside jukeboxes in coffee shops

Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers

Movies preceded by cartoons and newsreels

Party lines

Rotary phones

Drive-ins with car hops

Sock hops

Winter rubber boots with metal latches

Coonskin caps

P.F. Flyers

Angora sweaters

Bouffant hairdos


Hair dryers with plastic caps

Butch wax

Dart guns with rubber-tipped darts

Tin-can telephones


Cork popguns

Roll of cap-gun caps

Howdy Doody puppets

Beanie and Cecil dolls

Two-bladed ice skates that clip onto shoes

Roller skates that clip onto shoes

Roller skate keys

S & H green stamps and Plaid stamps

Metal lunchboxes

Winky Dink kits for drawing on the TV screen

Crystal radios

Console hi-fi's with 78's

45-rpm records

Hand-crank wringers on tub washing machines

Slide rules

Levered metal ice trays

Mimeograph paper

Carbon paper

Flash bulbs

Eight-track tape decks

8mm Home movie cameras

Dick and Jane readers

ALPHA v0.3