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Arty Choke

Topic: g-rated

Arty Choke

A millionaire wants to kill his wife, but he can't do it himself. So he hires a hit man named Arty to do the job. He asks Arty how much it would cost to have someone killed.

Arty says: "It depends on who you want, Presidents cost more then Governors, Governors cost more than Mayors."

The millionaire says: "No, no, it's nothing like that, I want you to kill my wife."

Arty says: "Man, I probably hate your wife more than you do. I'll do that for nothing." The millionaire claims he has to pay Arty something. So they finally agree on a dollar.

That night Arty sneaks into the house and goes upstairs, but before he gets to the bedroom, the maid spots him. Arty grabs the maid and strangles her to death.

Entering the bedroom, Arty sees the millionaire's wife fast asleep. He goes over and strangles her to death.

On his way out, the butler sees him so Arty grabs the butler and strangles him.

As Arty is leaving it turns out the millionaire cracked up and confessed everything to the police. And the police were waiting outside to arrest Arty.

The next day the papers headlines read, "Arty chokes 3 for a dollar."

ALPHA v0.3