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Top 10 Reasons Why You Can'T Remember Where You Came From Before

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Top 10 Reasons why you can't remember where you came from before you were born:

10. We're all virtual reality elements and this is the program we're in.

9. We're an experiment growing in a scientist's test tube.

8. This is a game, and some of us are real people playing the game, and some are computer operated agents who don't know they are; the ones who remember are real, and the ones who don't are programs.

7. You got sent here as punishment for something, and when you learn why you're here, or you serve out your sentence, you die and you get your memory back.

6. You flunked your death exam so you have to take the "being alive" course all over again.

5. Valhalla / Heaven / Paradise is overbooked and they gave you temporary lodging until your cloud was ready.

4. ?BABY-E-NORMINSKUL You couldn't fit your past memories into a baby's head, and forgot to pay the surcharge for getting them back later.

3. When you came here, you paid the extra charge for not remembering your past lives.

2. The trauma of being born has given you amnesia.

And the Number 1 reason why you can't remember what happened before you were born:

1. This is your first time here. (Some of us have to be "virgin" lives.)

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