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Bill And The Motorcycle Cop

Topic: g-rated

Bill And The Motorcycle Cop

Every day, Bill took the same route to work and back. Just like clock work, you could count on old Bill to be on the same road at the same time every day.

One day, poor old hard working Bill woke up late. In a hurry, he roared down the road giving it his all to make it to work on time. As he passed a large billboard, a motorcycle cop pulled in behind him and turned on his lights. Bill pulled over and the cop gave him his ticket. Bill proceeded on to work - late of course.

The very next day, darned if old Bill doesn't wake up late again - he pulled a late shift trying to catch up from the day before. Again in a rush, Bill roars down the road only to be pulled over by the same cop in the same place and given another ticket. Bill is getting very upset at all of this as he has always been a prompt and hard worker. It bothers him greatly that he is getting to work later and later.

This activity happens through out the week and Bill is totally fed up, especially with the cop. Friday night Bill decides that he is going to solve the problem the AMERICAN way - get a muscle car and leave that cop in his dust! He purchases a very fast car. He looks forward to Monday morning!

Monday arrives - Bill rises much later than usual, but takes a leisurely breakfast, reads the morning paper, and finally leaves for work at a very late time....

Roaring down the road in his new rocket... he passes the billboard and the cop pulls out to give chase.... Bill lets the cop get close to him and then punches his new car and leaves the cop behind in an incredible hurry! After traveling for a few minutes, Bill looks into his rear-view mirror, the cop is no where in sight! Feeling smug, Bill turns around and heads back to give the cop a ribbing. A few miles back, Bill sees the motorcycle in pieces along side the road - parts of it everywhere! Shocked, Bill continues on to find the cop in a heap along side the road. Very worried, Bill jumps out of his car and races over to where the cop is lying. The cop is in bad shape, but is conscious. Bill raises the cops head and removes his helmet.

"Are you OK?" asks Bill...

"Yeah, I'k OK." groans the cop.

"What happened?" asks Bill...

"Well," says the cop, "when you pulled away from me, I thought my cycle had stopped and I got off to see what was wrong!"

ALPHA v0.3