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If Car Dealers Sold Livestock This Is What An Invoice Would Look

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If car dealers sold livestock, this is what an invoice would look like:

Basic Cow $499.95

Shipping and Handling 35.75

Extra stomach 79.25

Two-Tone exterior 142.10

Produce storage department 126.50

Heavy-duty straw chopper 189.60

Four spigot milk dispenser 149.20

Automatic fly swatter 88.50

Genuine cowhide upholstery 179.90

Deluxe dual horns 59.25

Automatic built-in fertilizer 339.40

4x4 posi-traction drive 884.16


Pre-delivery wash and comb 69.80

Additional dealer adjustments 300.00

Total list price 3143.36

ALPHA v0.3