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The Drunk In The Graveyard

Topic: g-rated

The Drunk In The Graveyard

Ma fren,you got to read dis joke in yor best Cajun accent, so you sound jus like Justin Wilson when he tell it. If you do, it'll be wundermus, I garontee.

Der were dese two Cajun buddies at dis bar, and dey wuz gettin drunk, I mean! Well, one o de fellas, he decide he done had enough, so he take off for home. Cept he so drunk, he get hisself lost, and good! He wander into a graveyard and fall into a fresh dug grave dat is waiting for a funeral de next day. He lying der on his back, trying to pull hisself up out of dat grave, but he having some big problem doing dat. You see, it had been raining, and de sides of dat grave was slick. And it didn't hep none dat dis ol' boy was drunk.

Well, he lie der for a while, and he start to get cold, and he start to holler

"Hep me I'm cold. Hep me I'm cold, whooboy!"

About dis time, his buddy back at de bar decide it's time for him to head home. As he walking, he hear dis awful noise, and he decide he going to see what it is. Well, he comes to de graveyard, and he hears dis voice calling from an open grave.

"Hep me I'm cold, whooboy! Hep me I'm cold"

Well, he ain't scared, on account of him being good and drunk. So he walks right up to dat grave, and he looks down and sees his friend lying in de bottom of it. But he so drunk he don't recognize his friend. His friend look up at him and say

"Hep me I'm cold, whooboy!"

De friend standing at de top of de grave replies "Sho you cold, you dun kick all o you dirt off o you!"

ALPHA v0.3