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The Drunk Guy

Topic: g-rated

The Drunk Guy

A VERY intoxicated guy stumbles into a bar. He strides up to the bartender and says, "Bartender! I want to buy a round of drinks for EVERYONE in this place... start pouring! And be SURE to pour one for yourself!" So, the bartender, very happy to see such generosity, pours everyone in the bar a drink, including one for himself. He gulps it down and says, "Okay, buddy, that'll be forty-five bucks."

The drunk looks out him, snickers, shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't have any money! *hee-hee*"

"WHAT!!!!" The bartender grabs the guy's collar, slaps him around pretty fiercely, and literally tosses him out through the door.

The next night, the same deadbeat comes in the door, drunk as ever, and announces, "I am going to buy a drink for EVERYONE in this bar! Barkeep, start pouring! And be sure to pour one for yourself!" The bartender pauses, but then thinks, "This guy CAN'T be stupid enough to try to get away with this twice in a row." So, once again, he pours everyone a drink on the drunk guy's tab, and he makes sure that he has poured himself a drink.

The bartender gulps his drink down and says, "Okay, buddy, that's gonna be forty-eight dollars."

The drunk looks up, giggling, and says, "I don't have any money!" The bartender is steamed! He yanks the drunk off his feet, beats on him a while, drags him outside, and pitches him into the dumpster.

The third night, the SAME DRUNK stumbles into the bar. "Oh, mercy... I don't BELIEVE this guy..." thinks the bartender. "Bartender!" pipes up the drunk, "I want to buy every customer in this place a drink! Start pouring!"

"Oh," teases the bartender, "so you're not gonna buy ME a drink tonight?"

"No," answers the drunk. "You get violent when you drink!"

ALPHA v0.3