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Fear Of Flying

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Fear Of Flying

A certain executive had an inordinate fear of flying. He was to represent his company in a multi-million dollar deal that would take place in Tokyo. Alas, he was trapped. He would have to fly.

The person at the ticket counter noticed his nervousness and was very reassuring. "Just relax and have a good time."

"Just for the record," he asked, "What kind of plane will I be flying on?" The answer of "DC-10" struck new terror into the man.

He bravely approached the boarding area. He finally made it into his seat before his shaking knees gave out. He sat in his seat for about 20 minutes, becoming more scared as the minutes ticked on. He summoned the stewardess. "What's taking so long? We should have taken off 15 minutes ago."

"Part of the crew got held up in traffic, sir. We'll be leaving in just a few minutes."

Sure enough, a few minutes later, he saw the gangplank recede into the side of the terminal, the doors shut, and felt the cabin pressure build slightly. The engines began to whine. The plane slowly backed out, rolled over to the runway and began to pick up speed. Just as they were about to leave the ground, the engines shut down.

The plane taxied back to the gate they had just left. The gangplank came out and the engines shut off. The man was nearly hysterical.

"Stewardess, what's wrong?"

"Not to worry, sir. As we approached takeoff speed, the pilot heard something in one of the engines that he didn't like, so he brought us back here. We're fixing the problem now."

"That's great. I'm glad there is concern for our safety."

Within, 3 minutes, the man saw the gangplank recede and heard the engines whine again. They taxied out and took off.

"That was really fast! Did they fix the problem that easily?"

"No, sir, we switched pilots."

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