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Accuse The Other Party Of Your Worst Faults.

Topic: g-rated

Accuse the other party of your worst faults.

Insist that you are an avatar of the Truth and that the other person is Falsehood incarnate, or at least "misled."

Dwell on errors. Correct them in others at every opportunity.

Never apologize unequivocably. If forced to apologize, justify yourself in a way that makes it sound like the other party was responsible for your actions.

Write in such a way that the other party looks stupid if they don't respond.

Try to be many things at once, so that you can deny everything that is said about you. Say the same thing over and over again.

Always strive to get the last word.

Never let a debate rest. Never allow the other party to withdraw without making it clear that they have lost.

Insist that you are misunderstood.

If you can't find something to flame the person about, make something up. Convince yourself that you see the "real" motives.

Remember: Winning is everything.

ALPHA v0.3