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Mystery Puzzles

Topic: g-rated


Following is a list of mystery puzzles. To play, the moderator, who knows the answer, states the premise and the players ask yes or no questions until they have solved the mystery. Time per puzzle may range from less than a minute to over an hour.

1. A man is found dead hanging from a noose in the middle of a locked room. A puddle is on the floor.

2. A man is found dead in a desert wearing a backpack.

3. John walks into a room. Mary is crying over Bob who lies dead in a puddle of water.

4. Mr. Fischer lives in the Penthouse of a twenty story building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the ground floor and leaves for work. Every evening he comes home and rides the elevator to the tenth floor and walks the rest of the way.

*** Extra question: On rainy days he takes the elevator all the way up to his penthouse.

5. A man goes into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender pulls a gun on him. The man thanks him and leaves.

6. Five men are found dead in a cabin in the woods.

7. A man kisses his wife on the way to work in the morning. He takes the elevator to the ground floor and when the elevator stops he knows he is a widower.

8. A policeman follows a burglar into a bar. When he enters the bar he finds a set of identical twins, dressed the same, with the loot between them. After several minutes he arrests one of the twins.

9. An Arab sheikh tells his two sons that are to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune. The one who arrives last will win. The brothers, after wandering aimlessly for days, ask a wiseman for advise. After hearing the advice they jump on the camels and race as fast as they can to their destination.

10. Two girls walk into a library. While checking out books, the librarian notices that the girls look identical and asks "Are you two girls twins?" The girls answer, "no, but we're sisters and we were born on the same day."

11. Two brothers go into a bar and order identical drinks. One orders a second drink and lives, the other doesn't and dies.

12. A man stops in front of a Hotel and realizes he is bankrupt.

13. The music stops and a man dies.

14. A man is found dead with a small pile of wood shavings nearby.

15. A man is found dead among 53 bicycles.

16. A man turns on his car radio, and shoots himself.

17. A man is afraid to go home because of the man with the mask.

18. A man is found dead in an alley lying in a pool of red with two sticks crossed near his head.

19. A man is found dead outside a large marble building with three holes in him.

20. A man orders Albatross soup, tastes it, and then kills himself.

21. A man is found dead in the arctic with a pack on his back.

22. A couple from New York went on a vacation in Switzerland for some skiing. While there, the wife died in an avalanche. The husband came home and put an obituary in the newspaper which claimed that his wife died in a skiing accident. Someone else knew otherwise!

23. There is a pipe, a carrot and a pile of pebbles together in the middle of a field. WHY ?

24. A man calls to a waiter in a restaurant, "There's a fly in my tea". "I will bring you a fresh cup of tea", said the waiter. After a few moments, the man called out "This is the same cup of tea!" HOW DID HE KNOW ?

25. A man puts a quarter down, and leaves.

26. A rope breaks, a bell rings, a man dies.

27. A man lies dead next to a feather.

28. A man is dead. There is broken glass about.

29. The seals came up to do their show but immediately dove back into the water.

30. A man carrying an attache case full of $20 bills falls on the way to the bank and is never seen again.

31. An ordinary American citizen, with a clean police record, but no passport managed to visit over thirty foreign countries. He was welcomed in each country, and left each one of his own accord.

32. The pope is giving a speech. A man in the audience shoots the mayor who is behind the pope.

33. A pile of sawdust, no net, a man dies.

34. A man travels to twenty countries and stays in each country for a month. During this time he never sees the light of day.

35. Two men came into a room with a package. They opened it, looked inside, nodded, and left the room.

36. The wind stopped blowing and the man died.

37. King Henry VIII is lying at the bottom of the stairs with a gash across his face.

38. A man is found dead in a car with a crumpled piece of paper on the floor. Two tracks lead away from the car.

39. A man is found dead near an octopus in a washing machine.

1. ANSWER: He hung himself by putting a noose around his head and standing on a block of ice.

2. ANSWER: The backpack contains parachute which failed to open when he jumped from a plane.

3. ANSWER: John is Marys father and Bob was Marys gold fish whose fish bowl was knocked over by the cat.

4. ANSWER: Mr. Fischer is a midget and can only reach up to the button for the tenth floor.

*** Extra question: ANSWER: He uses his umbrella.

5. ANSWER: The man has the hiccoughs and the bartenders scares by pulling the gun and cures him.

6. ANSWER: It is an AIRPLANE cabin and they were in a plane crash.

7. ANSWER: The man's wife is on electronic life support and the elevator stopped due to a power failure.

8. ANSWER: Both twins were wearing glasses. The burglar was wearing photograde glasses and policeman noticed them change shade and realized he had just entered.

9. ANSWER: The wiseman tells them to switch camels because it is the camel that arrives last that will determine the winner.

10. ANSWER: The girls are not twins, but are two of a set of triplets.

11. ANSWER: The ice cubes in the first round of drinks were poisoned. The brother who drinks two drinks finishes the first before the ice cubes have a chance to melt. The other brother takes his time drinking and the melted ice cubes poison him.

12. ANSWER: He is playing Monopoly.

13. ANSWER: At a circus, the band conductor murders the blindfolded tightrope walker by prematurely stopping the band thus making the tightrope walker think he has reached the other side.

14. ANSWER: The man is a midget and works in a circus as the "smallest man in the world". He is also blind and uses a white cane to get around. The second smallest man in the world is jealous and starts shaving off the end of the cane. This makes the smallest man in the world think that he has started to grow and unable to cope, kills himself.

15. ANSWER: The man was caught cheating playing poker. He had an extra card up his sleeve. The bicycles are the type of playing card.

16. ANSWER: The man is a disc-jockey for a radio station. He has just murdered his wife and is on his way back to work. He had planned to use the alibi that he was at work on the air but when he turned on his car radio he heard the record he had left on skipping.

17. ANSWER: The men are playing baseball and the man at third base is afraid of going home because the catcher has the ball.

18. ANSWER: The man died from eating a poisoned popsicle.

19. ANSWER: The man was a paleontologist working with the Archaeological Research Institute. He was reviving a triceratops frozen in the ice age when it came to life and killed him.

20. ANSWER: The man was, a long time ago, stranded on a desert island with his wife and a few friends. They are without food for a long time and his wife, being the weakest of them, dies of starvation. His friends claim to bury her but really make her into soup to prevent starvation. Knowing that the man has never had albatross soup before, they claim to have caught an albatross. After being rescued, he orders albatross soup at a restaurant, tastes it, and realizes that what he had eaten before was not albatross soup, but his wife.

21. ANSWER: There is a pack of wolves on his back.

22. ANSWER: The man had booked one round-trip airline ticket, and one one-way ticket with the travel agent. He knew in advance that he would be returning alone.

23. ANSWER: They are the remnants of a melted snowman.

24. ANSWER: The man had already sugared his tea before sending it back.

25. ANSWER: The man has put down a quarter of the cost of a new car as the down payment, and then drives away in his new car.

26. ANSWER: A blind man was taking his usual walk on a cliff near the beach. He would usually determine his distance to the edge by the sound of a bell on a buoy. The rope, which anchored the buoy, broke, and the buoy drifted. The blind man plunged to his death.

27. ANSWER: The man was a sword swallower in a carnival side-show. While he was practicing someone tickled his throat with the feather causing him to gag.

28. ANSWER: Scene is a phone booth, near a pier. The man was calling his wife to tell her about the record size fish he caught. Upon saying "it was this big" he extended his arms, broke the side glass of the phone booth, and slashed both of his wrists. He bled to death.

29. ANSWER: The seals were frightened by an audience of nuns, who, to the seals, looked like a herd of killer whales.

30. ANSWER: The man falls off the river bank and drowns.

31. ANSWER: He was a mail courier who delivered packages to the different foreign embassies in the United States. The land of an embassy belongs to the country of the embassy, not the United States.

32. ANSWER: The pope has returned to the village where he began his priesthood fifty years earlier. He was late for the ceremony so the mayor spoke first; he claimed to be the first person to give confession to the pope 50 years ago. When the pope arrived he related that the first confession he heard was that of the murder of a young women. The man in the audience had a sister murdered then!

33. ANSWER: A midget is jealous of the clown who rides the stilts. He saws through the wood, the clown walks along and falls when the stilts break and dies.

34. ANSWER: The man is an ancient mummy on tour to different museums throughout the world.

35. ANSWER: There were three men in a liferaft after the ship went down. With no food, they were forced to live off each other. They agreed to cut off and eat one leg of each of theirs; so that no one was slighted, they all agreed to lose a leg no matter who went first. After the two men lost their legs, they were saved. The package contained the leg of the third man, to show he had not reneged on the deal.

36. ANSWER: The sole survivor of a shipwreck reached a desert isle; unfortunately he was blind. Luckily, there was a freshwater spring on the island, and he rigged the ship's bell (which had drifted to the island also) at the spring's location. The bell rang in the wind, directing him to water. When he was becalmed for a week, he could not find water again, and died of thirst.

37. ANSWER: It is a portrait of Henry VIII

38. ANSWER: The dead man was the driver in a hit and run accident which paralyzed its victim. The victim, confined to a wheel chair now, wrote down the license number and later stalked him out and killed him.

39. ANSWER: This has no real solution but is a way of loosing your friends. As questions are asked, you alternate answering yes and no until he finally figures out what you are doing.

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