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The Ranger And The Outlaw

Topic: g-rated

The Ranger And The Outlaw

A Texas Ranger walks into a saloon and bellies up to the bar. The bartender takes his order and notices the Ranger looks tired and dusty. He asks him what he's in town for.

The Ranger takes a swallow of beer and replies, "I'm lookin' for an outlaw. Maybe you've seen him in these parts."

The bartender says, "Well, I dunno. What's he look like?"

The Ranger says, "He's a cowboy, stands about 6 foot tall. He's wearin' a paper hat, paper vest, paper shirt and pants and paper boots & spurs. He carries a paper gun and rides a paper horse."

The bartender is surprised and says, "Shoot, I would've remembered somebody like that. Tell me, what's he wanted for?"

The Ranger takes another swig of beer and answers: "Rustlin."

ALPHA v0.3