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There Was Once A Deaf Man And A Hearing Man Who Lived Next Door

Topic: g-rated

There was once a deaf man and a hearing man who lived next door to one another. The hearing man found a large sack of money which he suspected had been lost from an armored truck, so he took it and buried it in a safe place in his back yard. That night the hearing man was awakened to noises in his backyard, so he looked out the window and thought he saw his deaf next door neighbor leaving with the bag of loot. So the next day he went to the house of another neighbor who worked as a sign language interpreter. He asked the interpreter to go to the deaf man's house with him so he could ask about the money and what he had done with it.

When they got there he told the interpreter to relay to the deaf man that he saw him taking the money from his backyard, and that he must tell him where he put the money or he would shoot him. This the interpreter relayed to the deaf man. The deaf man, seeing that there had been a misunderstanding, explained in sign to the interpreter that he had seen a dog trying to dig something up in the hearing mans backyard, went to investigate, and found the bag of money, which he was going to ask the hearing man about that same day but that he had buried it in his backyard which was fenced in where dogs couldn't get to it. And that it was buried at the base of the elm tree in his backyard.

The interpreter relayed to the hearing man, "He won't tell you where the money is hidden, you'll have to shoot him."

ALPHA v0.3