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Tv Channel Surfing

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TV Channel Surfing

Women often ask me, How can men flip through the TV channels so fast and really be seeing anything?

To begin with, men and women sometimes have different methods in how they choose what they are going to watch on TV. Some women feel that if a person wants to know what's on TV, they should read the TV guide. They feel it's a waste of time turning on the TV and flipping through all those channels, especially if there is nothing on.

Some men's logic is different. They feel it's a waste of time looking through the TV listings when they can push a little button and scan every channel in a matter of seconds. And the reason a man can scan dozens of channels in a matter of seconds is because his primary focus is different than a woman's. When a man is flipping through TV channels he is looking for what a show is about; sports, talk show, news, comedy, etc.. In an instant a man can identify a show's topic, decide it doesn't interest him and switch to the next channel.

When a woman is flipping through the TV channels she is normally more focused on who is on the show, who is the actor or actress in the show or who the show is about before switching channels, so she takes a little longer. This can be a problem for the man in the opposite direction. Men often claim women flip through the channels too slowly. By the time she watches the show for a minute or two to decide whether to switch channels or not, he's begun to get into the show. She decides not to watch the show, changes the channel and he says, "Hey! I was watching that!"

Channel surfing satisfies three needs for a man; 1) he is naturally inquisitive, 2) it gives him a sense of control, and 3) he likes to be doing something.

1) A naturally inquisitive man is convinced that if he goes through the channels often enough he is sure to find something that will catch his fancy. If nothing is on right now, maybe the next half hour will bring something interesting. He "knows" that with all of these channels there has got to be something on he can find to watch. This is what I call the "staring-in-the-refrigerator" syndrome. He stares at the TV the same way he stands in front of the fridge with the door open gazing inside. He really doesn't know what he wants, but if he stands there long enough maybe he'll see something that interest him.

2) Whom ever has the TV remote is in control of what everyone else in the room is going to watch. There is a sense of power in that for some people. A recent TV commercial shows a woman offering a man some french fries in return for his remote control. He is hesitant to let go of his remote at first, but eventually his hungry stomach wins and he exchanges the remote for the fries. (The way to a man's remote control is through his stomach?) But the man's face shows how hard it is for him to give up that control. It's like a man who always wants to be the driver. He's uncomfortable being a passive passenger.

3) A man is an action being and flipping through the channels offers him the chance to be doing something while not wasting any energy, which is an ideal situation for a man.

If we analysis these three items; a man is focused on what a show is about, he likes to be in control and he likes to be doing something, we find it easier to understand how some men can flip through the TV channels so fast.

Another problem for some women is the irritation caused by men that switch channels as soon as a commercial comes on. One TV comedian said a man is hunting when he is doing this, he's killing commercials. This is not too far from the truth. Some men feels it is perfectly logical to switch channels when a commercial comes on. Why waste time sitting around waiting for all of those commercials to be over? Commercials allow him the chance to be watching two things at once, or to see if he's missing anything on the other channels.

Another way of saying this is men race through the channels while women stroll through them.

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