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The Ventriloquist On The Farm

Topic: g-rated

The Ventriloquist On The Farm

A ventriloquist has been on the road in and out of every small town and big city across the country. He has made a good living but is tired after twenty years on the road. His dream has always been to settle down on a small farm and as he is driving he spies a for sale sign on a small run down farm just off the interstate. He pulls off and goes right up to the farm house and knocks on the door.

A leathered old farmer answers and he asks him to show him the farm. The farmer obliges and leads the comic on a tour of the farm.

The ventriloquist decides to have a little fun with him and as they pass the chicken coop he throws his voice and the chickens seem to say, "Hey, ten o'clock in the morning is awful late to come around for eggs."

The farmer is rather shocked and hurries on to where the horses are kept. The comic once again throws his voice and the horses seem to say, "You know you're awfully cheap with those oats!"

The farmer gasps and they continue on past the dairy barn where one of the cows says, "You're hands are awfully cold in the morning, couldn't you at least warm them up!"

The farmer, noticeably anxious and wiping sweat from his brow, turns to the city man and says, "I don't care what them sheep says, they're natural born liars!"

ALPHA v0.3