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A Farmer Walks Into The Bar With His 3 Favourite Ducks. He

Topic: g-rated

A Farmer walks into the bar with his 3 favourite ducks. He approaches the bar and says to the Barman, "I'll have a pint of Guinness please". So the Barman starts to pour the farmer's pint. Whilst the pint is settling the Farmer says to the Barman, "if I show you a trick, can I have my pint for free". The Barman looks at the farmer and says "Well, it'll have to be something special for a free pint"! "Just go and talk to my 3 ducks and your see how special it is"! says the farmer. So the Barman goes over to the ducks and starts talking to them. "Hello first duck, What's your name?", "My name's Stanley" replies the first duck. The Barman a bit surprised by this continues, "And what have you been up to today Stanley?" "It's been raining all day and I've been jumping in and out of puddles, It's been great" comes the first ducks reply.

"And what's your name second duck?" asks the Barman. "My name is Jeremy" replies the second duck. "And how are you Jeremy?" says the barman. "Fine thank you, it's been raining all day and I've been jumping in and out of puddles"

So the Barman approaches the third duck and notices that he doesn't look as happy as Stanley and Jeremy. "Hello third Duck" he says "and what's your name?" The third duck replies with a tone of depression to his voice, "Puddles, and just don't ask!"

ALPHA v0.3